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Return Air Grille: A/C Grille/Return Air Made of Premium Wood

When the finer points are crucial. Replace your flimsy stamped-metal return air grilles with our elegant, high-quality return air grille, which can be retrofitted into any traditional return-air opening without any modifications. Simply paint or polish to complement your existing decor and enjoy for years to come. Our 5-year warranty protects you.

Installing it is easy.

These grilles have a simple metal sleeve that houses a regular 1′′ A/C filter and assures a flush wall mount without the need for leveling equipment or guesswork. With just a screwdriver, it can be installed in minutes. The wall vent opening will not be resized. Simply remove the original grille and mirror, install our frame, secure with screws, install filter, and secure with the proprietary locking mechanism of the grille. Changing filters is also simpler.

Convenience & Safety

Without noticeable screws, latches, or rotating pieces that need repair and can malfunction over time, our proprietary design firmly seals the grille into the wall. Our grille’s clever nature prevents it from being inadvertently knocked or ripped off by a pet or small child. Simply raise up and out to open and adjust the filter. It’s that easy.

Precision Engineering and Performance

Our stylish louvers are mounted at the optimal angle and spacing using computer-aided design to ensure maximum ventilation and minimum noise. In reality, each louver has just a 1/64′′ overlap to keep the AC filter or open vent hidden while allowing the most airflow of any wooden grille on the market. And each piece is constructed using the highest-quality tongue-and-grove process, and is then nailed and glued to ensure the finest, longest-lasting construction possible.

Cleaning is easy.

Our clever style not only looks fantastic, but it also keeps things cleaner for longer and is easier to clean when necessary. There are fewer sides, corners, and crevices for dust to accumulate than on a typical stamped metal grille. There’s no need to reach for the Q-tips when cleaning is needed. Since your fingers can comfortably fit between the louvers, just wipe them down with a damp cloth.

When Any Detail Counts

Make a blemish into a decorative element.

Grille for Return Air

• Grilles that are injection molded

• Aluminum egg crate grilles

  • Filtered or unfiltered

Paltech Injection Moulded Grilles look fantastic when built. Scratch and chip resistance, as well as rust resistance, are all features of this surface. Since the grille is made in one piece, it is safer and more robust, with less rattles and noises. Ceiling-mounted adaptors are available, as well as wall-mounted adaptors where a fitting cavity exists. The grille comes in two styles and seven different decorator colors.

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For easy removal and washing, a sheet metal frame is available as an alternative.

Filter eggcrate grilles are made of white aluminum and come in a variety of sizes.

Both grilles come with a filter already mounted.

Dimensions (hole size):

Molded by injection

• Dimensions: 380 x 510 mm

• Dimensions: 405 x 760 mm

Standard eggcrate sizes in aluminum

• Dimensions: 400 x 400 mm

• Dimensions: 400 x 600 mm

• Dimensions: 400 x 750 mm

• Dimensions: 400 x 900 mm

• Dimensions: 400 x 1000 mm

• Dimensions: 400 x 1200 mm

• Dimensions: 400 x 1500 mm

• Dimensions: 550 x 550 mm

Colors injected into the mold:

• Color: white

• Custard

• The color grey

• The color green

• The color pink

• a peach

• The color blue


• Grilles that have been moulded

• bracket for installation

• Door mount bracket made of aluminum flanges

• return air box adaptor (moulded)

• Filtered or unfiltered

• Return air box made of sheet metal


• Basic, injection moulded (all colors), 380 x 510 $30,000.00

• 380 x 510mm, injection moulded (all colors), filtered 43.00 dollars

• Basic, injection moulded (all colors), 405 x 760 $50.00

• 405 x 760, injection moulded (all colors), filtered 59.00$

• 380 x 510 injection molded mounting bracket

• 405 x 760mm injection molded mounting bracket

• 380 x 510 injection moulded door mounting flange

  • 405 x 760 injection moulded door mounting flange

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This is Ns Haque. I’m an artist.

This is Ns Haque. I’m an artist.